Joseph’s Heart officially launched in April of 2022. We support and assist Bay Area seniors and families with help from donors like you. Below you will find a breakdown of the amount of recipients we have assisted and the amount of items we have given for the year of 2022. As an emerging organization, we take pride in the hope we’ve given to seniors, disabled individuals, and families in need. With your help, we can and will do more! Donate now to partner with us as we make a greater impact in the Solano, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Francisco Counties. 


(some are reoccurring)

Seniors: 14

Parents: 4

Business: 2


Rollator Seated Walker: 7

Walker: 0

Upright Walker: 1

Wheelchair: 2

Wheelchair Cushion: 2

Bedside Commode: 0

Bath Chair: 1 (waterproof mobility chair and commode)

Transfer Bench Bath Chair: 1

Cane: 2 (Quad canes)

Bedside Mat: 1

Bed Cushion & Pump: 1


Adult Diapers/Pull Ups: 41 packs

Wipes: 11 packs

Adult Women’s Pads: 2 packs

Bed Pads/Chux: 12

Gloves: 6 packs


Ensure: 2 large packs

Glucerna: 1 large pack


Diapers/Pull Ups: 6 boxes (2 boxes of pull ups)

Wipes: 6 individual packs; 2 boxes

Clothes: Multiple items

Books: 26

Potty Training Items: 3

Breast Pump (Electric): 1

Support/Boppy Pillow: 1

Pacifiers/Bottles: 2 packs

Baby Blankets: 4

Baby Shampoo/Lotion/Bath/Diaper Cream: 4


Total: 136 Backpacks, plus supplies.
78 donated backpacks and supplies given to individual children grades K-12.
4 backpacks and supplies given to College Students.
36 backpacks and supplies donated to Solano Widenmann Leadership Academy in Vallejo.
18 backpacks and supplies donated to Pinole Middle School.


Seniors: 17
9 seniors – Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church; San Francisco, CA
4 seniors – Faith Fellowship Baptist Church; Vallejo, CA
3 seniors – K&J Residential Facility
4 seniors – Oakland, CA; Blackhawk, CA; Antioch, CA; San Francisco, CA

We also blessed one caregiver for the amazing work and love she shows her 99 year old mother living with dementia in Antioch, CA. We make sure that we advocate for caregivers as well.

Children: 24
18 children – County of Alameda, Children & Family Services 
Hayward, CA (12 mos – 17 years)
5 children – Vallejo, CA (2 mos – 11 years)
1 child – Fairfield, CA (2 yrs)